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Signs your kitchen is outdated

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen in order to make it better suit your needs and aesthetics, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. The answers to these questions will help you to make the design decisions you’ll love most. If you are dealing with any of the following challenges in your space, chances are your kitchen would be improved with a little TLC.

There is Never Enough Space

If you find that cooking or entertaining in your kitchen feels restrictive, it’s likely you need to rethink your space. This can be achieved either by adding to your square footage or by adjusting the layout of your existing kitchen. A carefully planned kitchen remodel can open up your kitchen – allowing you ample space to enjoy time with loved ones and create food to share.

Your Kitchen Lacks Ventilation

In kitchens that lack ventilation, food smells can cling to every surface and be difficult to eliminate. Poor ventilation systems contribute to accumulating odors. If you regularly experience restricted airflow in your kitchen, a remodel can be the ultimate solution. You deserve to feel like your home can grow and flow with you and your family–the kitchen is the heart of it all. Letting air into your kitchen will help you to feel healthier and happier in your home.

Your Kitchen Lacks a Cohesive Design

If appliances are mismatched, your kitchen is lacking a color scheme, or your kitchen has a chaotic energy and feels like a dumping ground for ingredients and tools, this is a sign your space lacks cohesion. Beautiful spaces improve wellbeing. By redesigning your space to maximize utility and design, you can increase your enjoyment of your home. You deserve to live with a clutter-free kitchen that’s clean and relaxing.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

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By Gordon Reese, Gordon Reese Design Build, Resident since 2008

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