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5 Ways to Create a More Functional Home while Staying in Place

Creating a more functional home helps neutralize stress. And since the lockdown, let’s face it, we need something to do with all that extra time we would have spent at restaurants and movie theaters. So, here are 5 ideas that don’t involve remodeling… 

1. Office Nook 

Working from home takes a special kind of discipline. How do you boost productivity when you can’t even leave the house? If there isn’t space for a full office, a nook dedicated to work helps minimize distractions and separates home life from professional responsibilities. 

2. Is it a Closet or a Black Hole? 

It’s easy for closets to turn into a black hole. It doesn’t really seem like a problem until we’re searching for something. The first step is to pull everything out and set rules for what stays and what goes. 

3. Declutter With a Donation Bin 

And while you’re going through everything, why not start a donation bin? Decluttering is one of the fastest ways to create a more functional home. 

4. Food Prep 

No matter what your dietary preferences are, some basic food prep can simplify your schedule. But if you just aren’t the food prep type, consider a slow cooker. Just throw all the ingredients in and walk away. 

5. Your Fitness Space 

Working out at home means no travel time, plus you never forget your headphones. A fitness space can lead to a more functional home because movement boosts our mental and emotional health.. It’s totally fine if your “gym” is just a yoga mat and some resistance bands. 

We’ll all be spending a lot more time inside than usual, so make sure your space is a haven. We hope these ideas inspire you to think of other ways to make your home more functional. Should you have questions or want to discuss a virtual design session, our team is available for you. Schedule one today at 925.261.7257 or www. 

By Gordon Reese, Gordon Reese Design Build, Resident since 2008

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