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Why Work With An Independent Insurance Agent?

Why Work With An Independent Insurance Agent? 

By Patrick Decker & Scott Decker, Crusberg-Decker Insurance Services, Inc. 

Today there are several ways to purchase insurance. It boils down to three main distribution channels for insurance companies to sell their products: 

Direct writers (or captive agents) are employees of a single insurance company. Consumers who choose to work with a direct writer are not guaranteed the best choice available from the entire market. Direct writers can offer a range of products, from homeowners to umbrella to health insurance, all from the single insurance company they represent. 

Online and self directed channels have become popular as buying preferences change. Some companies have given consumers the ability to purchase coverage online. However, insurance policies are legal contracts, and this channel is best suited for those consumers with a proficient knowledge of insurance. 

Independent agents are licensed experts who work with multiple insurance companies, rather than only one. They can quickly research multiple policies and rates across various companies for no added fees. 

As insurance experts, independent agents can help you understand the complex nature of insurance and provide helpful policy reviews on a regular basis. Independent agents are an advocate for you – not the insurance company. 

Crusberg-Decker is your local independent East Bay Agency; our owners live and work in Walnut Creek. We represent over a dozen national and regional insurance companies – all “A” or better rated and all California admitted. We are a family owned – 4th generation business that works hard to earn your trust and develop long term relationships. 

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By Patrick Decker & Scott Decker, Crusberg-Decker Insurance Services, Inc. 

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Crusberg-Decker is your local independent insurance agency with experience in both personal and commercial insurance. As independent agents, representing only “A” rated insurance companies, Patrick and Scott work with their clients to provide proper coverage, competitive premiums, and outstanding service. They take pride in establishing relationships and offering personalized service to each and every client. 

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