Expert Contribution

Two families find a true labor of love

in running a business together

Alex Diaz and Matthew Hechim met over 20 years ago while working for a plumbing company. They both dreamed of one day owning their own business, and in 2006 they embarked on that journey opening Water Heaters Masters Inc. along with their wives, Tuty and Maura.  

They built their business on the foundation of high quality service, affordable pricing and integrity. “We created the environment where the customers’ needs can be met with ease and where we treat our team like family,” says Matthew. 

Their children and loved ones provide inspiration. “All the hard work that goes into running a business sets a good example for our kids and allows us to support our families,” says Alex. “When it is done right, and we are able to get people hot water in a timely manner, it provides a lot of satisfaction…helping out other families in a time of need.” When a water heater fails, it often happens at a very inopportune moment. Water Heater Masters prides itself on finding a replacement quickly and affordably to reduce the stress for their customers. 

The Diazes spend much of their free time cheering on the sidelines as their two grown children play baseball and softball. Gio is pursuing a career in baseball after playing for St. Mary’s College in Moraga. Their daughter, Xiara, is a middle infielder for the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo softball team. Alex and Tuty also have four fur babies: Jack, Boo, Frank and Olivia. 

Matt and Maura Hechim enjoy spending time with their daughter, Samantha, hiking, going to the beach and cooking together. They are also very involved in charity work through their church. 

Matt adds, “This is truly a family run business, and all four owners are heavily involved…both Tuty and Maura have been a big part of the company, running the office, advertising, website, social media, HR and IT. Work has always been our passion, and creating this business together with the Diaz family has been a very rewarding experience.” 

Water Heaters Masters would like the neighborhood to know: “This has been a difficult year for a lot of families in the community. We all have been affected by the California fires, the civil unrest, COVID-19 and the shift in the economy. We are all trying to help each other out, and together we can get through this. At Water Heaters Masters, we want to do our part. Not just by social distancing, or wearing a face shield or mask, but also through respect and showing empathy for people who are going through hard times. Although we are a business, we feel very connected to the community, and we are happy to do our part.” 

By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991