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Ring in the New Year with a New Look!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! After surviving 2020 – now is the perfect time to kick off the much anticipated New Year by re-doing the ring you wear and enjoy daily. Resetting your diamond is a great way to get a whole new look. Whether you have a pear-shape, marquise or a classic round brilliant diamond, we at Padis can show you the hottest new styles that you will be sure to love.

There are endless reasons as to why you would want to re-set your center diamond into a new mounting – you’re tired of your old setting, it’s just not the design you truly wanted, or you happen to have fallen head over heels with a design you saw on Padis Jewelry’s Instagram account! When updating a ring or remounting your center diamond, there is always the question: well what can I do with my old mounting (setting)?! There are a number of different options, some naturally more cost-effective than others.

The first option is to keep it! Some of us like to plan ahead and think in terms of taking care of those we love, so keeping your old mounting to make a gift for a loved one, or helping your soon to be son-in-law marry your daughter, is one sentimental option.

You can set a complimentary cubic zirconia in it and keep it as a travel ring for vacations.

The next option is to have it set with a colored gemstone. Sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts can turn your old mounting into a beautiful, colored-stone ring. This will allow you to keep your ring which may hold sentimental value and wear it as an alternative to your new engagement ring.

Remember, no matter the shape of your diamond, it can be remounted into a beautiful new setting. It can be difficult to let go of something with so much personal value attached to it, but Padis Jewelry can help guide you toward the best option for what to do with your piece, and make sure you are well educated in all the different options. 

Still love your ring the way it is? Stop by for a complimentary cleaning service. You’d be surprised at what it can do!

Whatever you choose, your rings should always be a reflection of your love and spark memories of the moments shared throughout your life. Our team at Padis Jewelry is happy to assist you in any way. Don’t hesitate to visit us at the store, schedule a virtual consultation, give us a call or shoot us an email!

By Steve Padis, Steve Padis Jewelry and The Forevermark Boutique at Broadway Plaza