Resident Feature

Residents respond with lessons learned

from Shelter-In-Place order

I posed this question to past contributors to the magazine; here are their thoughtful responses:

What new lifestyle change or attitude that you have learned during the shelter-in place do you hope to take with you into our ‘new normal’ when this is all over?

“I have never prioritized working out before but since the shelter in place I have been working out almost every day to help pass the time and to reduce stress. I am hoping to emerge from this stronger and healthier!”

Kristin Shopp, Resident since 2014

“I have gained an attitude of live, love and laugh EVERY single day and be grateful for this life we have. My “new normal” will be to really take notice of the people everywhere I go- the grocery store, restaurants, church, the movies, the park- look at their faces, really SEE them and acknowledge them with a smile and a friendly ‘hello!’ I will celebrate the opportunity to be around people in social environments! Standing in lines will not be an inconvenience but another opportunity to notice those around me, to say hello and ask them about their day. I will hold much more dearly, the precious moments and gift of time I have with my friends and family- I will hug them tight and long and appreciate the ability to do so! I don’t believe I will ever go back to “how things were.” Life has changed, and I believe it may be a little different for everyone going forward. It will be interesting to see how other’s change (or don’t change) after this. I can only say for myself, I know I will forever be more appreciative and grateful for the gift of time with my friends and loved ones.”

Kelly Perkins, Resident since 2007

“I’ve created a morning routine with meditation, and a gratitude practice that I plan on carrying forward into our new normal.”

Shayna Abraham, Resident since 2018

“I want to speak on behalf of mother nature. The pandemic has changed much of our human behavior. Planes are grounded, cars are idle, and Los Angeles now has the best air quality in the world. Can you imagine that? San Francisco is number two. When I do venture out to my back yard, I can see the glow in every tree. The flowers are bursting despite our lack of blowers, weed eaters, lawnmowers, and chain saws. My view out the window shows a small part of Mt. Diablo. The oaks are a distinctive green. In the post-pandemic reality, I want to stay home, forego the expansive trips, walk to the trails, and generally tend to my garden. Stewardship is not new. From our window to the world, we can do business as usual. Stay with that technology. Give the earth a chance.”

Tony Wayne Wolcott, Resident since 2014

“During this ‘Pandemic’ I learned to be my own best company. Never gave thought to that before.”

Alice Mayo, Resident since 1965

“Physical distancing will bring to us more love, thoughtfulness, and togetherness.”

Kun Yan, Resident since 2017

“Flexibility and resilience has been the key takeaway for me and my family. We have been shaken out of our normal schedules and routines. By necessity, we have had to adapt. Whenever we are able to move forward post-crisis, I believe we as a family will be more resilient to largescale changes, and appreciate the smaller things in life more: Making time for lunch or coffee with a friend. Taking more walks after work (or lunchtime), and reaching out more to family and friends we haven’t talked to in a while. And let’s not forget, most of us are now more comfortable with Zoom or multi-person web calls. We can have more of those to break our busy weeks! Stay healthy and safe everyone!”

Kevin Wilk, Mayor ProTem Walnut Creek, Resident since 1997

“So many material things that we thought were important and were part of our daily routine just aren’t that important any longer. If you have your health, you are the wealthiest person in the world. So much we have come to expect in our lives can so easily be taken away.”

Craig and Jill Judson, Residents since 1986

By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991