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Push Present Gift Ideas

for the New Parent & Grandparents!

My wife, Judy and I welcomed our fourth grandchild, Jackson Padis, into the world last month and of course, new parents and babies have certainly been on the brain. When our youngest son, Stevie, approached us for push-present ideas to gift to his wife, Kelli, we of course had lots of ideas!

What is a push present you ask? Simply put, it is a gift given as a token of celebration over the birth of a baby. The gift is just for the new mom. It is something that makes her feel special and appreciated after just going through one of the most challenging and most rewarding tasks in life. A push gift puts the focus back on the new mom. She deserves something special that makes her feel cherished. Jewelry offers a tangible reminder of the first few moments with her new child — and of your thoughtfulness — that she can wear every day. The new parent or the new grandparents can choose to present a push gift after the birth of the new addition to the family. No matter who gives the push gift, the goal is to make the new mom feel loved and appreciated.

Birthstone and Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry offers a tailored touch to the push gift concept. It commemorates the birth month of the newest member of the family. Each time the new mom looks at the birthstone jewelry, she remembers the time when she became a mom. Birthstone options come in all categories of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Personalized jewelry also starts a tradition for future babies. Add to her collection of push present jewelry to represent all of her children. Like a birthstone, an initial or name on a piece of jewelry adds a personalized touch that represents the new family member. If you already know the baby’s name, you can easily purchase a piece of jewelry with the first initial before the birth. If you want to symbolize the changing composition of your family, incorporate the initials of the parents.

Sparkling Diamond Earrings

Earrings work well as a push present because they are something the new mom can wear every day. Diamond solitaire earrings offer a classic, versatile option, but push present earrings can be any style or shape. The earrings don’t need a special connection to the birth itself. Simply receiving the earrings on the day her child is born is enough to make them special. Each time she slips them into her ears, she’ll fondly remember your love and the birth of her child.

An Additional Band to Complement Her Wedding Ring

The wedding ring she wears every day represents your love and takes her back to your wedding day. It is a very important symbol to show your strength and commitment to one another. The birth of a child is just as monumental as getting married. With a new baby in the picture, that love you share continues to grow. Why not add another ring to her finger to represent that new family dynamic? Choose a band that fits beside her wedding ring, paying close attention to the style of the original band to ensure they look good together. We at Padis can provide suggestions for bands that will work well. Each time she gazes at her hand, she’ll not only remember her love for you but also the growing love your family has, thanks to the birth of your new baby.

A New Timepiece

Cell phones may be the go-to way to tell time, but an elegant designer watch is still a relevant and useful accessory in a new mom’s life. Not only will a new watch keep her on time for those pediatrician appointments and play dates, it also decorates her wrist with a sophisticated style. Choose a watch that fits her style and the way she might use it. Luminescent hands and easy-to-read numbers make the watch visible even in a dark nursery or under sleep-deprived conditions.

Whatever your role in the expectant mother’s life, make her baby’s birth special with a push gift. A thoughtful jewelry gift gives her a keepsake she’ll always cherish that reminds her of you and of the day that changed her life forever. Now that you know what a push present is, you’re ready to pick out the perfect gift! Head on over to any Padis Jewelry location and our consultants will be happy to help you pick out the perfect push present.

We treasure the generations of families who allow us to become a part of their most precious moments. Please feel to reach out if we can answer any questions and if we can be of assistance at

By Steve Padis, Padis Jewelry and The Forevermark Boutique at Broadway Plaza

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