Resident Feature

Oncology Nurses in Walnut Creek Honored

Physician & Nurse Care Team, Epic Care Walnut Creek photo by Cheryl Nobusada, Cancer Support Community

The nonprofit Cancer Support Community (CSC) of the San Francisco Bay Area supports over 2000 people annually who are dealing with cancer. All services are free to patients and their families, and the organization primarily raises funds through donations and events. This year’s gala had to shift to an online film festival due to COVID-19 concerns and took place on Sept. 18. The in-person dinner that was slated to accompany the film festival was to honor oncology nurses working at John Muir and three Epic Care oncology centers in the Bay Area. 

“Instead of simply canceling [the dinner]…,” said Read Phillips, founder of Beets (the catering company), CSC suggested we work together to bring meals to oncology nurses at local medical facilities.” 

So on Sept. 10, CSC staff delivered 140 box lunches to oncology nurse at John Muir Hospital and three other facilities. 

Janice Hoss, Director of Director, Oncology and Specialty Services at John Muir Health and Rob Tufel, CEO of Cancer Support Community photo by Peter Dudley, Cancer Support Community

Rob Tufel, CEO of CSC, said, “Our mission as a cancer support nonprofit is to help people deal with adversity and help them make the best life they can when dealing with the effects of cancer. We do this every day through our support programs and now are helping nurses as well.” CSC has been providing this support to our community for over 30 years. For more information visit www. 

At the Film Festival Charity Gala on Sept. 18, CSC awarded the California East Bay Oncology Nursing Society with their coveted Spirit of Healing Award. 

By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991