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Northgate resident Pete Torrey pens book about an amazing group of young basketball players

Long time Northgate resident Pete Torrey recently published his first book, Safe Passage Guaranteed, a story based on true events he witnessed over 50 years ago involving teens from two different racial groups coming together to secretly play the game they loved. Torrey says of his historical fiction novel, “These kids unknowingly gave a community and a nation a lesson in race relations that is even more powerful today than it was then [in the 1970’s].” 

“While playing a pick-up basketball game I overheard a conversation between an African-American teenager from the inner city and white high school basketball player from the country,” adds Torrey. “They were playing a series of secret games with no coaches, no refs, and no press. They would play two games – one in each other’s hood – and they would guarantee each other’s safety – hence the title of the book.” 

The boys told Torrey back then that he could not share their story until “they were really old, like 50!” as they feared it would get politicized. So, now almost 50 years later, he finally had the chance to publish the book and share their story against the backdrop of his own life as a television sports anchor in the 70’s. 

In the novel, you’ll read about the fictional sports caster’s interactions with famous sports stars like Hank Aaron, John Madden and Arthur Ashe as you discover the true meaning of sportsmanship through the eyes of these teens from two Indiana high schools who both shared a dream of becoming Indiana State Champions and created these games to help each other improve. 

The book is available on and other retail outlets (paperback $12.95). Torrey has lived in Northgate for over 40 years after he and his wife moved here from Indiana. He is now a real estate broker and heads the Torrey Team. 

By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991