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Northgate presents student athlete awards for 21/22 school year

The Northgate Athletics Department presented their annual awards to athletes last month. Congratulations to all the athletes whose dedication, leadership and athletic skills were honored for the 21/22 school year. 

Eric Griffin Memorial Award Winners 

Jaley Croy 

Aidan Sunbury 

In 1975, Eric Griffin died of complications from Chicken Pox during his freshman year at Northgate High School. He played football, basketball, and track and made a huge impact on the school and community. Since then, the Northgate Athletic Department honors Griffin’s life each year by selecting one male and female student-athlete as Eric Griffin Award winners. 

To be eligible for the prestigious award, a student-athlete must participate in multiple sports, earn above a 3.0 grade point average, and show excellent effort, sportsmanship, and conduct. Additionally, the student-athlete must be a team leader who makes others better through their example and encouragement. This is the most significant athletic award given at Northgate High School. 

700 club 

Aidan Sunbury – 4 yrs X Country, 3 yrs Track and field 

Johnny Hagedorn – 4 yrs track and field, 3 years soccer 

In order to become a member of the Northgate High School 700 Club a student-athlete must participate in seven seasons of varsity sports. 700 points must be earned at the varsity level. 

Gold Block N 

Anthony Billeci – 3 years football, 2 years wrestling 1 year track and field 

Jaley Croy – 4 years basketball, 3 years swim, 2 years water polo 

Mary Swanson – Wunder- 4 years track and field, 1 years x country, and 1 year water polo 

Andrew McDonnold LaVay – 3 years golf, 2 years track and field, 2 years x country 

Kristin Saunders – 4 years basketball, 4 years track and field, 2 years water polo 

In order to be eligible to win a Northgate High School Gold Block N Award, a student-athlete must play six seasons of varsity sports, AND participate in three different varsity sports. The minimum number of points a Gold Block N Award winner will have is 600, all of which must be earned at the varsity level. 

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By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991