Resident Feature

New Podcast features people you may know

Mike Ahn, a Physical Education teacher at Northgate High School, started a podcast last November that features interviews with many past students as well as NHS teachers, coaches and parents. “The Mic is Ahn” podcast is quickly becoming the talk of the town! 

Ahn has been a P.E. teacher at Northgate for the past 18 years and has coached girls basketball along with freshman and varsity football; by all accounts, students love him. He has a true love for his students and his profession. “P.E. is as important as other classes,” said Ahn. “It is a life lesson class. P.E. teaches you how to win, how to lose, how to work as a team; every day is a group project. It’s my job to make sure that every kid has the best high school experience possible.” He teaches Team Sports for sophomores and for juniors and seniors who chose to take P.E. as an elective. Some of his end-of-year tournaments like the Ultimate Extravaganza (Frisbee) and the Paddle Tennis Invitational have become legendary. 

For many years he has considered starting a podcast given his love of broadcasting. He studied broadcasting in college and worked in the field before going back to school to get his teaching credential. “I wanted to focus the podcast on people who I know and who I know have something interesting to say. I wanted to share that with other people,” said Ahn. Although Ahn has been actively teaching through the pandemic, leading 11 hours of yoga classes every week on Zoom, this year of having less commute time gave him the opportunity to get his podcast going. 

The podcast has over 20 episodes thus far, including interviews with past students like Ben Krauth who is now pitching in the minor leagues, Lauren Curry who is a nurse and health advocate, and Megan Shone who shares her journey through body image issues to a successful career in fitness. All past episodes are available where podcasts can be found or you can reach out to him at: themicisahn@


By Kara Navolio, Resident since 1991