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Natural Immune Boosting Support

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At the date this was written we do not currently have a proven treatment for Covid-19. For now, there are things that YOU can do to naturally support your immune system this Fall and Winter.

#1 – Practice excellent HYGIENE at a greater level than ever before by wearing a mask, washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Lessen your risk by avoiding unnecessary exposure, stay home even with a simple cold.

#2 – Eat FOODS that support your immune health. We have a “cold and flu” season for a few reasons including the change in temperature and drop in vitamin D levels, increased exposure indoors with recycled air and an excess of sugar consumption. 

Here are some foods to support your immune health:

Antioxidants such as rosemary, green tea, cacao, garlic and blueberries

Bone broth – the glycosaminoglycans restore the intestinal lining and help prevent the movement of pathogens from the digestive tract into the bloodstream

Ginger is both an antioxidant and some studies suggest it has antiviral and antibacterial properties

Vitamin C foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, oranges, peppers, tomato

Beta-carotene foods which serve as a precursor to Vitamin A such as carrots, sweet potato, cantaloupe

Seaweed products which are high in zinc and iodine

For a free health coaching app from our office with grocery lists, menus, recipes and a complete Gut & Immune Guide go to the link below to download it. You may also track your meals, mood, meditation, water, exercise and more – like a “health coach” on your phone! https://tinyurl.comBLCImmuneHealth

Key supplements may also be used to help support your natural immune health – quality supplements are key as some are junk, so make sure you know the sourcing or ask us for suggestions.

Vitamin D has been shown to help with healthy cell replication and may play a role in protecting against the development of autoimmune conditions, infections, viruses and less serious illnesses like common colds and flu. There’s evidence that humans need enough D in order for macrophages, white blood cells that attack pathogens, to do their job properly.

Melatonin is a known immunomodulator and a study review published on 10/2/2020 looked at its impact on Covid-19 and suggested the following: 

Melatonin as an anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory agent counters acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) induced by viral and bacterial infections. Melatonin can be beneficial in critically ill patients via reducing vessel permeability, inducing sedation, decreasing agitation and increasing sleep quality. These beneficial properties of melatonin may highlight this hypothesis that melatonin may exert further clinical outcomes for COVID-19 patients (Zhang et al., 2020b)

I’m out of words otherwise I’d also tell you about Zinc, Vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, shiitake, cordyceps), turmeric, andrographis, umckaloabo, elderberry, astragalus, & more. I did cover these in a webinar at if you would like to watch the recording.

Curious to learn more? Schedule a no charge 15 min consult with Body Love Cafe. Always talk to your doctor regarding changes to diet, exercise and supplements.

By Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP with Body Love Cafe

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