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My Top 5 Tools I’m Using Right Now

Life Hacks in a Sheltered World

Anyone else at “surge capacity” with everything life has been throwing our way? I’ve had many patients calling in because they feel burnt out. Some are drawing inward and struggling with depression, others find themselves highly irritable and losing patience with their kids. 

I’ve also been feeling the “weight of the world”, so I reached into my toolbox for a few tricks that have made an amazing difference in just a week’s time. 

#1 Life Hack I’m Using 

First, I started getting up very early at the same time each day (that was the hardest part), but it allowed more self-care time and got me to bed on time. 

I also added supplements to support my mood such as 5-HTP, SAMe and PharmaGABA. I added BroccoProtect because of all the smoke! 

#2 App I’m Loving 

I committed to daily meditation and the only way I can do that is to make it fun. For that, I use Headspace, my favorite mindfulness app. Have you tried it? “The Daily Wake Up” is a great way to start the day with a cup of tea. 

I’ve also used our health coaching app to provide meal planning, recipes, tracking and accountability. We pay for it so our patients don’t have to, reach out and we’ll set you up. 

#3 Guilty Pleasure I Liked 

It was a “cheesy” book, but that’s what I was looking for, a light read as a distraction so I ordered “Perfect is Overrated” by Karen Bergreen. 

Who hasn’t used Netflix as a distraction? Definitely a guilty pleasure and Dead to Me, Working Moms and Queer Eye were some fun views. 

#4 Topic I’m Studying 

I teach Functional Medicine to other doctors so I’m always reading research which probably sounds boring to most, but I find the body infinitely fascinating. 

My latest study has been a deeper dive into mitochondrial dysfunction, methylation and one-carbon metabolism as a whole. 

These pathways are central to the function of every cell in the body and a medical text referred to it as “An Unsung Hero for Healthy Aging”. 

I just presented a 35-page case review on a patient with Histamine Intolerance and mitochondrial dysfunction, so this topic has definitely taken up my study time! 

#5 What I’m Eating 

With the shift toward Fall (can you believe it already!) and the high stress demands of life, I increased my protein and fat consumption. My favorite animal proteins I order through Butcherbox, and I throw in some fatty fish. My favorite plant-based proteins are quinoa, almonds, and I’m using an organic pea protein detox shake for two weeks. 

My favorite veggies are large mixed salads and frozen blueberries. I order weekly food delivery from Chef Claudia, which is how I sneak tasty veggies into my teen! 

We are here to help with free, informative classes, advanced lab analysis, discounted supplements, and key lifestyle hacks. 

Curious to learn more? Schedule a no charge 15 min consult with Body Love Cafe at 

By Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP with Body Love Cafe, Northgate resident since 2019 

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Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP discovered the power of Functional Medicine first hand when a “mystery illness” left her declared permanently disabled. Unwilling to accept that diagnosis, she fought back and launched Body Love Cafe, an award-winning holistic health clinic.

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