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Sports at a Smaller School

It was awesome to have students not only back in school, but playing sports again. The sounds of the games, fans cheering on their teams and students socially connecting with their teammates brought such joy. At Contra Costa Christian Schools (CCCS), our resilient students bounced back in a strong way this year, with every middle school sports team making league playoffs and several high school teams participating in league playoffs as well as North Coast Sectional (NCS) playoffs. 

CCCS believes in a comprehensive student-athlete experience, including life skills development, to prepare them for college and their professional careers. Students have the opportunity to compete in three or four in the same year. They are coached by highly qualified coaches (club and former collegiate athletes) that get the most out of every student, supporting them with encouragement and prayer. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in other school programs, such as drama, music, clubs, student government and more. They do all of this while participating in an academically challenging college prep program. 

While competing at a high level is the expectation at CCCS, the coaches also expect our students to gain life skills through sports that will prepare them for college and beyond. It’s well documented that a high percentage of CEOs and those in leadership positions were student-athletes. These leaders attribute much of their success to life skills gained through playing sports, such as: 

1. Time Management: Balancing studying in between multiple practices and games per week requires prioritizing and managing time effectively. 

2. Teamwork: Learn to work with and encourage teammates with varying skill levels to achieve a common goal. 

3. Competing: Desire to improve individually and as a team. Life is competitive. 

4. Leadership: Develop leadership skills in roles such as team captain, being a supportive teammate and role model. 

5. Accountability: Teammates rely on one another to show up, work hard and contribute. 

6. Social: Learn to work with and communicate with students from different backgrounds and develop many lifelong friends. 

7. Integrity: Strive to improve and win, but always do it the right way. 

If you are looking for a place your student can gain critical life skills and build a robust college admissions resume, I encourage you to reach out to CCCS. This school and its coaches have been a blessing to our family. 

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