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Fixing a Glitch in your Body’s Software

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) is a physical language built to communicate with and help the proprioceptive nervous system to reset itself back to optimal function. 

Proprioceptors are the nerve receptors on our skin, in our muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and organs that relay back to the brain what is happening to the body, so that the brain can then direct the body to react instantaneously. For example, when you touch a hot pan, a heat receptor instantly lets the brain know that it is overloaded, the brain interprets that as “danger”, and it fires the nociceptive withdrawal reflex. This reflex causes, at low levels of stimulus, our flexor muscles to contract and our extensor muscles to relax on the arm that is touching the hot pain. Therefore we are able to snatch back our hand before any serious damage happens! 

Let’s say a blister forms, cushioning the wounded skin and stretching the top skin. Then the brain will have some sensitized pressure receptors signaling to the brain “Re-route! Protect!” The brain sets up a compensatory pattern so that you don’t put pressure on the tip of that finger until it is healed. When the tissue heals, the receptor will switch back to normal signaling and movement will resume as it should. Except… sometimes the system doesn’t work the way that it should and the receptor gets STUCK telling the brain that there’s danger when there’s NOT. 

Why and how does this system glitch? The fastest way for this to happen is when we have too many stacking stressors to the nervous system. Let’s say that when you burned your finger, you were stressed out cooking dinner for your girlfriend for the first time and dinner was running late, and the neighbors were painting their house and the fumes were in your kitchen, and you’d had some wine and some foods that weren’t sitting well in your stomach, and you hadn’t slept much the night before. This might be TOO MUCH STRESS for your brain and at the moment that you burn your finger, that receptor that signals OVERLOAD gets stuck. Like a digital relic or a software bug. 

What happens when this glitch is in the matrix? Structures like muscles and ligaments can either be overworking or underworking long term, and this can result in PAIN. Over 80% of pain is due to receptor issues, which means that it is FIXABLE, easily and quickly with P-DTR. 

In P-DTR we can use this language of touch and gentle muscle tests (is your tricep working? Can it contract without pain? Can it relax when asked to?) to determine what kind of receptor is causing the muscle to overwork or underwork and where it is. And we can fix it, almost instantly! 

P-DTR is truly an amazing way to talk to your brain and help it do the work it does best, get you moving! 

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By Allison Ayer, BA, CPT, LMT 

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