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Eliminating Fire Hazards

Wildfire Season is upon us and in addition to creating an escape plan and “go” bags, it is also important to eliminate as many fire hazards surrounding the outside of your home as possible. Every year, fires threaten homes and properties as a result of unnecessary combustible debris and vegetation. It is every property owner’s responsibility to eliminate these fire hazards on their property that may endanger their neighbors and the community at large. 

The Contra Costa County Fire District’s Exterior Hazard Control Unit’s Weed Abatement program provides information on how to, where possible, reduce the severity of wildfires. The District has established minimum standards for weed abatement and guidelines for creating defensible space. Details regarding these minimum standards can be found at 

In general, “weeds” mean all wild plants growing on streets or private property. These include sagebrush, chaparral, dry grass, stubble, brush, and litter, or other flammable materials which are capable of being ignited and endangering the public safety by creating a fire hazard. 

Defensible Space is an area around a building in which vegetation, debris and other types of combustible fuels have been treated, cleared, or reduced to slow the spread of fire to and from the building. 

The most important person in protecting houses from wildfire is not a firefighter, but the property owner. It is the action taken by the owner before the wildfire occurs that is most critical. Please spend some time walking your property and determining if any of your weeds or vegetation pose a fire hazard. If they do, please clear before a fire begins. 

Please note: If you have concerns about brush or debris on an adjoining property, please contact Kathy Woofter, Fire Prevention Technician, or by phone 925-941-3300 x1549. 

Stay Safe Out There. 

Your Northgate Area CERT Team 

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By Judy Caponigro, Resident since 2016, Northgate Area CERT Team