Resident Feature

Creakers Senior Softball

Ever want to turn back the clock and relive some of those joyous moments you experienced when you played baseball as a kid? Well, that is something that over 230 seniors get to do each year as part of the Walnut Creek Senior Softball Program, one of the many programs offered by the Walnut Creek Seniors Club. 

Creakers softball is open to anyone over 50, with some players still swinging a bat and running the bases well into their 80’s. Not too shabby. While the overwhelming majority of players are men, the Creakers is a COED league with a few woman players who can challenge the guys with their athleticism. 

The league is broken down into two divisions, American and National, according to skill level. 

Our Placement Committee tries to maintain a balance across the two divisions with an equal number of teams and players per team – not always an easy task. Hats off to the Placement Committee for their diligence in trying to make the game as fair and balanced as possible. The teams are reshuffled every year, to promote parity. This also give players an opportunity to make new teammates. 

The American Division is regarded to be the more able-bodied players. Typically, they are younger, faster, more agile and play at a more competitive level, while the National Division players tend to be a little older but still relatively fast and agile enough to play at a competitive but safe level. While having fun, modeling good sportsmanship, and upholding the “Creakers Spirit” are important to league play, we are ever mindful that safety is paramount. However rare, accidents do happen and some of our players will pay a visit to the doctor from time to time. 

The Creakers organization goes back to 1986 with some players having been in the league for over 20 years. We are well organized with a Code of Ethics, Handbook, and are governed by “Senior Softball League Rules”. While having fun and getting exercise may be the main motivation to head to the field, occasionally the competitive spirit will be on full display and circumstances may get slightly heated when there is, shall we say, “a difference of opinion” on certain plays. That is why some players will double as umpires. Problem solved! 

We have players from many different occupations, including former teachers, police officers, firefighters, fighter pilots (marine and air force), medical professionals, lawyers, journalists, and meteorologists. It is safe to say that, more than anything else, the Creakers seem to enjoy a sense of comradery. And then there is always the friendly ribbing that takes place before, during and after the game while we all relax with a cold beverage and enjoy some pleasant conversation. Everyone comes equipped with a terrific sense of humor, and players k  now that they can, indeed, turn back the clock – even if just for nine innings. 

To learn more about the Creakers, or if you are 50 and over and are interested in joining the fun visit

By Frank Napoli, Resident since 1996