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Change Can Be Good

As a parent, you want to do the best for your children. Sometimes events, like COVID, challenge you and cause you to grow. After COVID, and all the changes that came with it, we realized it was time for a change in our child’s education. 

We looked at 3 different private schools in the Walnut Creek area and one school clearly rose above the others. It was aligned with our values and we loved that it offered Preschool – 12th, so our son wouldn’t have to switch schools during those impressionable middle and high school years. 

Our son was welcomed with open arms at Contra Costa Christian Schools (CCCS). He didn’t skip a beat establishing friendships, and I was surprised at how quickly their extended staff knew his name and genuinely cared about him. He loves all the classes they call “specials,” which include music, art, library, PE and technology. The students also attend Chapel each week and the teachings of God are woven into the lessons. I love seeing his excitement for learning! He has been challenged to try new things, step outside of his comfort zone and grow in his faith. 

CCCS offers fun events every month or two that really help strengthen family friendships and build that sense of community. The school is fully funded by tuition, which is quite reasonable, and they only have two fundraisers per year. The money raised goes straight to improving the school facilities and student experience. It is so exciting to come back to school in the Fall and see the projects fulfilled. They have made some great improvements to the high school, and I know it will be even more incredible in a few years when my son will be a freshman.

As a family, we are thoroughly enjoying our time here at Contra Costa Christian Schools and look forward to continuing to watch our son grow in his God given abilities. If you are currently looking for a school, I would invite you to come and explore all that Contra Costa Christian Schools has to offer.

By Gina Buckley, CCCS Parent 

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For over 40 years, Contra Costa Christian Schools has maintained its original mission to Prepare the Next Generation with Christian values and a quality academic foundation. While the instructional strategies and curriculum have evolved, the core mission of serving families in the East Bay has remained the same. CCCS provides a high quality 21st century education within a Christian context that equips students for success, whatever they choose to pursue. 

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