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Back to school 2021

Hi neighbors, 

Welcome back to school! We have been so excited to welcome all students back on campuses full time, in person, throughout Mt Diablo Unified School District. Plus there is now an enhanced Independent Study option for those who do not yet feel ready to return. See for all independent and home study options. 

In August, Mt Diablo school board welcomed our 2nd official student board member, Kaleena Fowler, a senior at College Park High. Kaleena brings her experience of leading the BSU club and looks forward to leading the districtwide Student Advisory Committee. 

We also approved a new Technology Strategic Plan for 2021-31, which includes 1:1 chromebooks for all secondary students beginning this school year. All sites have all COVID protocols in place and are making full use of outdoor fresh air spaces for learning and gathering. 

Principal Kelly Cooper reported that Northgate High has seen a surge in enrollment, with students returning to public schools this school year plus new families moving into the area. 

Stay healthy with athletics! With more than 20 sports teams at Northgate, student athletes have many opportunities to get on the field and court to perform and compete. Visit for the game schedule, highlights, or to support the athletic boosters. 

Walnut Acres Principal Lang Luong says this year was “the best Jaguar day ever”! The theme was Together We Shine. Walnut Acres PFC organized fun activities and treats for kids, while parents were registering for school and signing up to volunteer. 




Principal Mignon Perkins was so happy to hear the laughter of Valle Verde students playing outside and eating their lunch outdoors.







Counselor Joanne Finn said she was so pleased to see that new funding allows for a counselor at every school this year, and that all staff received special training on Social Emotional Learning to help students readjust to school life.






Foothill Principal Kim Vaiana loves to dress festively on the first day of school. Here she is with the CA Distinguished School 2021 flag. Foothill was one of just 3 schools in Contra Costa County to achieve this honor! 

Welcome back everyone, and please feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you for supporting our local public schools!


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By Cherise Khaund, Mt. Diablo School Board President, Resident since 2012