Resident Feature

A Final Hurrah

In collaboration with Northgate’s “Our Minds Matter” club, the Leadership class decided to create a mental health awareness spirit week in May. Coincidentally, May, which is mental health awareness month, also happens to be the month that students are inundated with finals and AP tests. The spirit week was created to help everyone de-stress as we move into the infamous time that students have dubbed “finals season.” Students were asked to wear a particular color every day and were provided with different self-care activities to help themselves de-stress. It was a kind reminder for everyone to make sure that they recognize the importance of mental health, and to prioritize their well-being, as well as the well-being of their friends and family. Northgate is grateful to have such caring students, who take the initiative to bring light to this topic, even though mental health is a taboo subject. 

As a last hurrah for the seniors, Northgate High School has reserved the Concord Pavillion for two graduation ceremonies (to manage the crowd due to COVID-19 safety protocol). Although the students will not receive a traditional graduation ceremony with their entire class by their side, they will be able to invite family members to watch them on this special day. Furthermore, Walnut Creek TV will be broadcasting Northgate’s graduation ceremony on Youtube Live. Make sure you tune in to watch the remarkable, hardworking students receive their diplomas! 

Despite the difficulties and challenges this year has presented, Northgate students have managed to complete an incredible sports season, and some have even gotten offers from schools to which they have committed. As a way to honor the hard work these athletes have put in, ASB students will highlight their achievement to the rest of the school in a virtual athletic signing day to show their perseverance and accomplishment in an incredible feat, during a not-so incredible time. 

AP teachers have been under the immense pressure of teaching all the material necessary to adequately prepare their students for the AP exams while unable to see their students every day. In many ways, one would expect the change in class schedules to negatively influence AP students, but teachers have been vigilant in keeping their students on track without overwhelming them with hours of work each night. Despite the support teachers are providing their students, there is still lingering apprehension from students regarding how different the full-length 2021 exams will be compared to the extremely short 45-minute exam given in 2020 exams. Regardless, many Northgate students will be taking their AP exams through May and are cautiously optimistic about the results. 

The first week of May was Teacher Appreciation Week. Northgate’s ASB Leadership decided that they wanted to celebrate the teachers in a meaningful way as they all persevered through this year. Students in Leadership made door decorations, got chocolate and hot chocolate for all in-person teachers, and even made a teacher appreciation video with all of Leadership’s students, which was played at their staff meeting. All the students at Northgate were able to write appreciative letters and placed them in their teacher’s school mailboxes. 

Northgate High School, along with every other high school in the Mount Diablo District, will be offering a summer session for students who may need help raising their grades or need extra support in classes they took in their 2020-2021 school year. This session will be four weeks long and will mimic a similar hybrid schedule with half days.


By Harshada Sharma and Prapti Pradhan, Northgate High School Students